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 Cookie Policy

 Cookie Policy

Operational Cookies: We use cookies to provide our services. For example;

  • Recognizing you when you sign in to use our services.
  • To provide you with features, products and services that may be of interest to you, including information and promotions about our Services, if they relate to products and services available on Brixgo.
  • To keep track of the products in your shopping cart.
  • To prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Improving security.
  • Saving your preferences such as currency and language.
  • We also use cookies to understand how customers use our services and to make improvements. For example; We use cookies to conduct research and system checks to improve Brixgo content, products and services, and to measure and understand the performance of our services.


  • Promotional Cookies: We also use cookies to deliver certain types of promotions, including products and services not available on Brixgo, and certain promotions related to your interests.


  • Approved third parties may also use cookies when you interact with Brixgo services. Third parties consist of search engines, measurement and analytics service providers, social media networks and promotion firms. Third parties use cookies to deliver promotional content, including interest-based promotions, to measure the effectiveness of promotions, and to perform services on behalf of Brixgo.


  • To learn more about how Brixgo offers interest-based promotions, please see the Interest-Based Promotions notice. To edit your interest-based promotion preferences, please go to the Promotion Preferences page. You can see which approved third parties use cookies and manage how they use them by visiting our Cookie Preferences page.

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