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Spraying Machine - 100 Liters

Product No 353
Brand Name Huniper
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Spraying Machine - 100 Liters

Product Code: 353

Product Weight: 58KG

Liquid Volume: 100 Liters

Fuel Tank: 3.6 liters

This product is made of 1.5 mm thick special pipe, reinforced 3
mm carrier table, 2 air wheels, 1 manual hose reel, 1
Each spray gun is equipped with a 25 meter long hose. by rope
operable 3.6 liter petrol tank, 4 stroke, 7 horsepower, 3
10-12 meters throwing distance with reciprocating motor pump with 40 bar pressure
has. The funnel sprayer, which adversely affects the product quality,
It is used to prevent and eliminate factors. Funnel spraying
The machine is made of high quality polyethylene, with its flexible and robust structure.
It is resistant to oxidation and impact. With years of use, it will benefit you and your business.
provides ease.

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